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RTLS special solution for healthcare:

Wireless temperature monitoring

Monitors and controls the temperature of refrigerators and freezers in real-time

2Trace has supplied Europe’s largest solution for wireless temperature monitoring. The system is built on standardized RTLS – Real Time Location System – based on WiFi connectivity and positioning.

The intelligent solution monitors in real time 24/7 more than 750 refrigerators and freezers at Frederiksberg and Bispebjerg Hospital. The solution is established to replace the hospital’s manual reading, which typically was carried out once a day. It only gave a picture of the temperature at the time the inspector opened the fridge to read the manual thermometer.

2Trace solution automatically updates readings of the temperature in real-time and online, as well as logging all information.


How RTLS works

24/7 monitoring

RTLS intelligent monitoring ensures 24 hours of continuous monitoring. The temperature of refrigerators and freezers are logged constant – even on weekends and holiday periods. All logs are documented in relation to current standards and may also be exported to external systems. Information is available graded i.e. information approach can be defined by users’ needs for knowledge.



A constant monitoring ensures that the storage temperature is within the desired range. Any deviations will be logged, and “abnormal” deviations trigger the alarm to the right employees for correction and feedback. Other “abnormal” events are documented for the right person and authority in relation to existing rules. The process for temperature-monitoring usually takes place manually in this day and age. This is done by sampling every 24 hours, and there is no evidence of fluctuations and possible error handling in the period between inspections. Therefore RTLS delivers temperature monitoring of a higher quality, ensuring the contents of each refrigerator / freezer. At the same time, it delivers a precise documentation of the temperature course of the day.


Intelligent Alarms

Alarms are distributed to the right people at the department at a first non-critical alarm. If the alarm is ignored – or it can not be solved locally – the alarm will be upgraded to critical, thus activating the central maintenance function.


Alarm Types

Swing phenomena. When a refrigerator is opened, the temperature will rise above the allowed. Under normal use, the permitted temperature will be recreated in the fridge after a while. Even though a temperature rises above the allowed limit, briefly, it will not trigger an alarm. In contrast, deviations, like forgetting to close the door trigger an alarm, so that the error can be corrected quickly before the content are unnecessarily damaged. At the same time, the process is documented, and deviations are automatically logged. When defects in the fridge or freezer occur there may be a slow increase in temperature, and this will also trigger an alarm.

Alarm handling

Alarm Remedy entered into the system, so everyone can see what is done to correct the mistake or error handling. Repairs are returned via PC or APP, so error handling is documented and logged standardized. This allows eventual static; quality or process causes monitored and localized.


Overall maintenance

The system devices are the same for refrigerators and freezers. Temperature probe makes the difference, and all units can be configured individually. Therefore, there can be set limits for each unit, for example. min and max temperature when opening the door, the length of time that must elapse before the temperature is stable, etc.


This ensures that the maintenance department should only concentrate on one system unit – and then configure it according to whether it is new or to replace an existing unit. This also offers the benefit that only a minimum of units are needed in reserve for service and maintenance.



Solution is NIST-approved and can also be certified to DANAC accreditation.

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