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RTLS special solution for healthcare:

Wireless temperature monitoring

Monitors and controls the temperature of refrigerators and freezers in real-time

2Trace has supplied Europe’s largest solution for wireless temperature monitoring. The system is built on standardized RTLS – Real Time Location System – based on WiFi connectivity and positioning.

The intelligent solution monitors in real time 24/7 more than 750 refrigerators and freezers at Frederiksberg and Bispebjerg Hospital. The solution is established to replace the hospital’s manual reading, which typically was carried out once a day. It only gave a picture of the temperature at the time the inspector opened the fridge to read the manual thermometer.

2Trace solution automatically updates readings of the temperature in real-time and online, as well as logging all information.


Advantages of RTLS special solution:

  • The solution is NIST-approved and can also be certified to DANAC accreditation.
  • Delivers an overall status of all monitored refrigerators and freezers.
  • The temperature of refrigerators and freezers logged constant – even on weekends and holidays.
  • All measurements are displayed in a system, which can be managed centrally but accessed in a decentralized manner.
  • Documentation in accordance with current standards and export of data to other systems as required.
  • Alarms automatically distributed to the right people.
  • Alarm handling registered so everyone can see what is done.
  • Repairs of alarms returned are via PC or APPEnkel maintenance:
  • The system devices are the same for refrigerators and freezers.


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