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Shop Protect ™ RFID optimizes the inventory management and minimizes the shrinkage.

Shop Protect ™ RFID is designed to offer retailers an easy and quick system, which effectively hedge losses. At the same time, the cost of stocktaking is minimized.


The users make sure that the inventory is updated 100% everyday.  By means of the RFID – Radio Frequency Identification –  up to 7000 unique products can be counted in 20 minutes.


With Shop Protect ™ RFID, every product gets its separate microchip ID. In other systems, the same EAN barcode is used for products of similar type, making the system unable to distinguish the individual products.


Shop Protect ™ RFID can be combined with the store’s existing POS, alarm and video system for optimal safety. This protects your investment.



ShopProtect benefits.

  • 100% updated inventory
  • Documented and reduced shrinkage
  • Lower costs for stocktaking
  • Minimized time managing stocktaking differences
  • Less depreciation in stock
  • Less “out of stock”
  • More time for customers
  • Full documentation in case of theft
  • Greater efficiency
  • Increased earnings
  • Improved working environment

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RFID step by step


Marking of products with RFID labels for unique device management

Mobile computers with RFID senses movement, position, and status

RFID gates automatically detect movements at selected locations, typically by inputs and outputs

RFID movements documented at unit level through video

RFID ensures quick and easy scanning of products in the POS system

Alarm System with RFID can see the unique products that are stolen

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