Dyane Smartcabinet

What is DYANE smartcabinet?

DYANE smartcabinet is a restricted-access smart cabinet system based on RFID technology for the management of high-cost material or material with high patient traceability requirements.
Its main areas of application within the Hospital are the Cath Labs (Hemodynamics Department, Interventionist Radiology, etc) and OR Area (Surgical Block), where the shortened expiry date of certain products, together with their high cost, makes it vital to reduce inventory levels and ensure optimal stock management.
Using RFID technology, DYANE smartcabinet manages traceability in real time of all movements made with the products contained in the cabinet.
A touchscreen provides the usability that the nursing staff needs for a friendly and safe performance of its duties. System management, monitoring and reporting is provided by DYANE, a logistics management software at the consumption point. Among other functions, DYANE manages cabinet access, consumption records, automatically generated restock orders, while also providing access to parameterizable reports that allow real-time analysis of the information for effective decision-making.

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