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Effective management of workwear

With the effective garment management solution developed by 2Trace, companies maintain a complete overview of all inventory, as well as efficient consumption and usage patterns for all workwear in circulation. The solution give locally authorised employees 24/365 access to clean and correct garments whenever they are needed. The 2Trace 2Scan cabinet is designed modularly to fit into existing environments in hospital departments and changing room areas. Only authorised employees can activate the door to the cabinet and thereby gain access to the clean contents, and the system is easy to integrate with existing employee/access cards. After opening the door, users can be visually guided to their own garments. Garments removed during the transaction will be automatically debited from the employee’s garment account when the garments are removed and the door is closed. Once the transaction is completed, an updated inventory overview will automatically be transmitted to the overall SmartGarment system. SmartGarment will continuously and intelligently communicate with laundry facilities and company management, which will be notified regarding the correct consumption and usage patterns. This ensures that companies are always able to optimise the contents of each cabinet based on actual consumption, so that employees never experience a lack of needed garments. After use, garments are returned to the designated return cabinet. Upon return, the borrowed garments are credited to the employee’s account, and new garments can be borrowed in accordance with the established standard procedures. The return cabinet is also managed to ensure collection before or when the unit is full. SmartGarment also provides real-time information to management and laundry facilities regarding current return inventory, enabling optimisation of washing cycles.

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