Laundry Tagsys

Advanced system with RFID for administration of textile inventories and optimization of laundry processes

ACUITY eliminates labor-intensive manual tasks – such as handling and counting of soiled textiles – ensures a faster washing process and provides several other benefits:


The laundry staff can by using RFID – Radio Frequency Identification – and wireless technologies easily identify and record hundreds of fabrics and events because there is a small chip in every piece of clothing.


Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting allows precise measurements of the linen’s actual location, consumption, and life cycle. This valuable information can be actively used to reduce losses and misuse of textiles, save on new purchases and monitor the laundry processes.

ACUITY’s precision and real-time inventory management helps improve production planning, prevent situations of linen, abide delivery times and improve overall customer service.


Strengthen your client relationships

ACUITY helps you identify client’s consumption patterns and textile volumes. It makes your billing more accurate, including pay-per-use, lost textiles, repairs, etc. – It also provides opportunities to strengthen client relationships by developing new value-added services and new models for billing.


Processes and traceability

ACUITY optimizes business processes and textile portfolio:

  • RFID tagging and registration of linen in the system
  • RFID tagging and registration of linen in the system
  • Managing data on soiled received on conveyors, in cages or bags
  • Monitoring of washing and sorting processes
  • Control data storage or transport of clean textiles
  • Tracking linen cages with clients identify used / abused textiles
  • Additional processes such as linen search or on-site inventory


Unique reporting and analysis functions

ACUITY generates interactive dashboards and reports in real time to optimize the rotation of linen in the laundry and the clients. ACUITY meets these requirements for business and operations, amongst others:

  • Visualize your textile holdings at the client in real time
  • Manage data about dirty linen for better planning of washing and take into account deliveries
  • See the current status, location and distribution of every piece of textile
  • Get information on lost or misplaced textiles – where they were last seen, and how long have they been missing
  • Manage linen cages in real-time


Flexibility and Scalability

ACUITY is flexible, scalable, and adaptable to the new requirements of textile clients – in the form of many locations, the amount of textiles and the need for an effective IT infrastructure.


Regardless of the environment ACUITY collects field / client data to a central database and allows you to create detailed analyzes. The delivery, consistency and availability of this data are not affected by any network or infrastructure.

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