Larger RFID effect than expected at Computer City

Inventory management with Shop Protect that use RFID – Radio Frequency Identification – has reduced the differences in status by 80% at the Nordic electronics retailer Computer City. At the same time status counts faster and more accurately. The result is that the overall benefits in time and money is much higher than expected.


Computer City will – based on the very positive results from the one-year pilot project in its Glostrup Store – also introduce RFID tagging in the chain’s other 9 shops. And thus reap the full benefits of the new technology.


Scan several hundred items at a time

RFID is an electronic tagging – tag – that can be scanned / read via radio waves. A more advanced labeling than the barcode, a hand scanner wirelessly reads hundreds of tagged items with one click. They do not need to be scanned one by one as the EAN. On the other hand, the label is more expensive per product.

– “We quickly found out that the RFID tag on the goods provides a unique opportunity to identify every item and follow its history. And the exact inventory management has been the key to reducing shrinkage”, says Michael Hansen, IT manager at Computer City.


Stocktaking in minutes

– Hver morgen optæller vi alle varer på lager og i butik. Det gøres med en hurtig og simpel scanning. Et klik og en hel lagerreol er optalt. Uden tællefejl. Viser optællingen en afvigelse, kan vi nu spore varen og fejlen. Registreringen viser præcis, hvilken vare der mangler.

og penge er klart større end forventet.

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