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Common Solutions.

The majority of our clients are in logistics and warehousing.

The focus is on product labeling and data capture on the floor where the need for printing or reading occurs. As a client, you typically need to increase the company’s traceability internally and externally.

The environment is often in the more “raw” category, where requirements for robustness and tightness in terms of dust and humidity.


Logistics and Stock

In logistics our focus is on optimizing the typical stock disciplines (goods receiving, picking, placing, etc.) where the clients benefit from the investment includes:

  • Improved storage systems and processes
  • Reduced inventory
  • Reduction of missing items in stock
  • Better management of product flow
  • Protection against theft
  • Faster document management (e.g. Clearance)
  • Greater visibility



In the production process, we make the usually inaccessible data, available and accurate. In principle, the decision output data is made visible and contemporary; so all mistakes are corrected at the forefront:

  • Registration of commodity consumption
  • Process monitoring
  • Data collection for Lean, Six Sigma or BI systems
  • “Brand protection”
  • Notification of completion – transition to the intermediate or finished goods inventory
  • Protection against theft
  • Fast and safe product recalls
  • Better traceability in food production

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