2Trace is a leader in RFID solutions.

We develop, sell, implement and maintains solutions based on barcodes and RFID to automate production and logistics data in the industry.


We have skills and many years of experience in integration to the commonly used ERP (MBS, SAP, etc.), Business Intelligence and CRM systems.


We offer all major system components and capabilities that are part of a total solution based on RFID technology.


By making data from the production floor and / or supply chain visible and accessible, we are transforming information management tools making it possible to measure and adjust production and supply chains in real-time.


Concept focusing on counseling


Our clients are increasingly demanding more understanding, empathy, experience, commissioning and maintenance of safety.


It is essential to us that you as a client have confidence in our ability to deliver. Therefore, an optimum result means the correct advice and choice of hardware as well as adaption and development of the solution to fit into your current situation.


Our focus is to qualify and deliver solutions that will optimize profitability and processes associated with the production, logistics and service.

Likewise, the objective is to provide the solutions of our clients’ customers with a better service, in the form of more accurate information about the supply, quality and availability – as well as other valuable production and logistical information.

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