About 2Trace

Our purpose

Our mission is the setting for who we are. It contains a mission, a vision and four (4E’s) core values that are central to the company’s actions, both towards clients, suppliers and partners.



Empathy and understanding of client needs



Any task will be taken on with great enthusiasm and energy because it solves client problems and offers them value.



We are experts in many areas and usually come to the core of the problems, managing to create practical and effective solutions.



We work with a constant focus on providing clients with the highest possible value. This requires that the operator that work must have measurable impact.



Our mission is to add value to our clients by being the leading provider of practical and effective solutions that can quickly and easily be implemented with emphasis on data capture and RFID.



Our vision is a driving force and motivation for our work: We make a virtue of being innovative, trendsetting and committed to clients and employees.

Our objective is to create a dynamic company and an attractive workplace that attracts qualified and motivated employees.

Michael Winther


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Lasse Cederquist

VP Sales

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